Our Origination

Established in 2015, the T|M story began when family members stepped away from each of their respected careers in different segments of the real estate industry, and formed the family-owned Brokerage of Turner Mangum Real Estate. Our Brokerage is young, but our team’s extensive real estate backgrounds of 65+ years has enabled us to become one of the fastest growing independent real estate companies in Houston, Tx.

We are a service driven company, blending high-powered, modern marketing strategies with a family-owned touch. Our client’s always have the industry’s latest technology at their finger-tips to enhance their results, while experiencing a 1-On-1 fiduciary guidance from a T|M professional.

Experience Earns Results

In 2019, T|M was recognized by the Houston Business Journal as the #1 largest Brokerage by Transactions & Volume in the small brokerage category, and in the Top 25 of all Brokerages for Transactions & Volume.

Our team has been carefully curated and grown only out of necessity. Each one of our agents possesses an average 15 years of industry experience! We attribute the combination of putting our client’s needs first and extensive, first-hand market knowledge to our year over year growth and achievements.

Our Commitment

The success of a service-based company is dependent on meeting your client’s needs. Our underlying commitment is to meet those needs by excelling at our company’s core values:

  • Fiducial Responsibility: Our main objective is to act in the best interest of our clients. We start by listening to your goals first, and then constructing a plan of action.
  • Educate: An educated client makes quicker, and better decisions. Informing the client of what each milestone for their transaction looks like allows them to plan & achieve their goals.
  • Communicate: Communication is vital. We believe in minimizing the points of contact throughout the transaction, while still providing the backend support of a well-balanced team. Our thorough milestone updates & explainer videos always keep you in the loop.
  • Execute: Strategy without execution is useless. Each client’s needs are unique, and not one marketing plan fits universally for each home. Our approach may change, but our team is built to execute in your best interest!